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  1. The Latest: Black man shot by officers struck police cars

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Latest on the shooting of a black man killed by Barstow police (all times local):

    9:30 p.m.

    Barstow’s police chief says a black man killed by police in a busy Southern California parking lot was wanted for car theft and had struck two police cruisers with his car before officers opened fire.

    Chief Albert Ramirez Jr. released a report Monday night about the April 5 shooting of Diante Yarber.

    The statement says four officers opened fire because they feared for their safety and the safety of others. Ramirez says body camera footage from the officers won’t be made public while the shooting is under investigation by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

    Lawyers for Yarber’s family said Monday that a private autopsy found Yarber was shot 10 times and choked to death on his own blood as police delayed getting medical help.

    An official autopsy hasn’t been released and it’s unclear whether it’s been finished.


    6:17 p.m.

    Lawyers for the family of a black man killed by police in a busy Southern California parking lot said Monday that an autopsy found he was shot 10 times and died from choking on his own blood as police delayed getting him medical help.

    The autopsy concluded that 26-year-old Diante Yarber died of asphyxiation and that had he been given medical treatment, he would have had a chance at surviving his wounds, attorney S. Lee Merritt said at a news conference.

    The autopsy was conducted by a private medical examiner at Merritt’s request. An autopsy by San Bernardino County authorities has not been released and it’s unclear whether it’s been finished.

    Merritt, who is planning on filing a civil rights lawsuit in the case this week, said the private autopsy found that Yarber had wounds to his chest, back and arms and that he wasn’t given medical treatment for “a great deal of time.”

    “The injuries are consistent with defensive wounds … as he was shielding himself and trying to escape the onslaught of bullets,” Merritt said.

    Merritt did not respond to a message seeking a copy of the autopsy report.

    Barstow police officers fatally shot Yarber on April 5 in a Walmart parking lot in the Mojave Desert city, about halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. At the time police said Yarber reversed into a police car, then accelerated toward officers and hit a second police car, prompting officers to fire.

    The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating the shooting, has said Barstow officers responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle believed Yarber was wanted for a crime involving a stolen car.

    Merritt disputes the account of the shooting by police, saying Yarber’s car was barely moving.

    Grainy cellphone footage of the shooting shows officers fired their weapons at least a couple dozen times but doesn’t capture the full incident.

    Barstow police didn’t respond to requests for comment Monday and denied a request by The Associated Press for body cam footage of the shooting. It’s unclear whether body cameras recorded the shooting, but Barstow police have been equipped with the devices since 2014.

    Police also haven’t released the names of the officers involved.

    There were three others in the car with Yarber, a father of three, when police tried to stop him. His girlfriend was shot in the leg and abdomen in the backseat, while Yarber’s brother jumped out of the car and his cousin wasn’t hit.

    “These officers are opening fire into a car with other passengers and in a Walmart parking lot in broad daylight with people walking all over the place that could have also been struck,” said Dale Galipo, an attorney representing Yarber’s girlfriend and cousin. “It’s obviously a totally excessive shooting.”

    Yarber’s brother also told attorneys that he heard one officer shout a racial slur before the shooting.

    Sharon Brunner, who represents Yarber’s girlfriend, said she and the other lawyers involved have been unable to find another witness to corroborate that claim.

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  2. Spokesman: George HW Bush is eager to get well, go to Maine

    HOUSTON (AP) — Former President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized in Houston with an infection, just after attending the funeral of his wife, Barbara, a spokesman said.

    Jim McGrath said Monday on Twitter that the 93-year-old Bush is “responding to treatments and appears to be recovering.” He was admitted Sunday morning to Houston Methodist Hospital after an infection spread to his blood, McGrath said.

    Barbara Bush was laid to rest Saturday in a ceremony attended by her husband and former presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and their wives, along with current first lady Melania Trump. Mrs. Bush was 92, and she and her husband had been married 73 years — the longest presidential marriage in U.S. history.

    George H.W. Bush uses a wheelchair and an electric scooter for mobility after developing a form of Parkinson’s disease, and he has needed hospital treatment several times in recent years for respiratory problems.

    He attended the funeral wearing a pair of knitted socks decorated in blue, red and yellow books — a tribute to his late wife’s work promoting literacy.

    McGrath wouldn’t elaborate Monday night on the specifics of Bush’s condition, saying additional updates would be issued “as events warrant.” But he said the 41st president was eager to get well so he can get to his summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

    “He’s the most goal-oriented person on this planet,” McGrath said.

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush indicated during his eulogy Saturday that his father had been hospitalized recently at the same time Barbara Bush was in the hospital for the last time. Those hospitalizations were not publicly disclosed at the time.

    “I think Dad got sick on purpose so that he could be with her,” Jeb Bush said.

    First lady Melania Trump tweeted Monday evening that she was sending “healing thoughts of strength, along with prayers, for President George HW Bush tonight.”

    On Friday, during the public viewing of Barbara Bush’s casket, George H.W. Bush offered his hand to many of the around 2,500 people who walked through the church to pay their respects.

    A year ago this month, he spent two weeks in the hospital for treatment of pneumonia and chronic bronchitis, a constant irritation of the lining of tubes that carry air to one’s lungs. His doctors said chronic bronchitis is a condition more prevalent with age and can aggravate the symptoms of pneumonia.

    The elder Bush was hospitalized for 16 days in January 2017 for pneumonia. During that hospital stay, which included time in intensive care, doctors inserted a breathing tube and connected him to a ventilator.

    He also was hospitalized in 2015 in Maine after falling at home and breaking a bone in his neck, and in December 2014 for about a week for shortness of breath. He spent Christmas 2012 in intensive care for a bronchitis-related cough and other issues.

    People in their 90s with Parkinson’s disease are often at higher risk of pneumonia and other infections because their swallowing process can be compromised, said Dr. David Reuben, professor of geriatric medicine at the UCLA medical school in Los Angeles.

    “And the stress of losing a loved one can weaken the immune system,” he said.

    Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, he said, while viral infections require other treatments. Infections that spread to the blood usually are not viral, however, he said.

    The prognosis for such a case would depend on a number of factors, including heart rate, blood pressure and oxygenation, Reuben said.

    “The more of these parameters are abnormal, the more serious the case is,” he said.

    George Herbert Walker Bush served as president from 1989 to 1993. Born June 12, 1924, in Milton, Massachusetts, Bush also served as a congressman, CIA director and Ronald Reagan’s vice president.


    Associated Press reporter Terry Wallace contributed to this story from Dallas.

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  3. Rhode Island lawmaker calls school shooting survivor ‘dummy’

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — A Rhode Island lawmaker has deleted a tweet calling a school shooting survivor a “dummy” for her response to the shooting that killed four people at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville.

    Republican state Rep. Mike Chippendale was responding Monday to Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the Parkland, Florida, shooting who has become a gun control activist.

    Gonzalez cited reports that the shooter’s gun was taken away by an unarmed man as evidence that teachers do not need guns to protect students.

    Chippendale said the ensuing manhunt might have been avoided if the man did have a gun and “the entire region wouldn’t be on lockdown…dummy.”

    Chippendale is co-chairman of Republican Allan Fung’s gubernatorial campaign. A campaign spokesman called the tweet disappointing.

    Chippendale did not respond to requests for comment.

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